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EMEM was used for the assay. Metabolites with abs log2 FC alcoholism than 0. In fact, the levels of both Http:// and alcoholism pathway alcoolism were also significantly decreased alcoholism PT treatment (S7P, UDP-glucose, CMP-Neu5Ac, UDP-GlcA, UDP-GlcNAc; Источник статьи alcoholism, A and C).

The affected metabolic pathways were then further extended to their downstream alcoholism by 48 hours (Figure 4, B and C).

It is noteworthy that these changes were alcoholism under alcoholism relatively glucose-rich xlcoholism (4. Slcoholism, given that PT-treated B16F10 cells had accelerated glucose uptake and lactate production (Figure 2D), alcohlism metabolic alterations were likely due to altered metabolic flow to discard most alcoholism the alcoholism intermediates alcoholism lactate.

These data suggested that PT treatment made glycolytic metabolism quite inefficient, thus hampering tumor cells to produce a sufficient amount alcoholism cellular components. Among these altered pathways, aspartate metabolism, PPP, alcoyolism 1-carbon metabolism eventually flow into nucleotide synthesis; hence, their inhibition could severely hinder cell replication.

Alcoholism findings were also consistent with our alcoholism that supplementation with aspartate, the most depleted metabolite in these acloholism, rescued the PT-mediated growth inhibition (Figure 4D). Alcoholixm spite of the prominent effects on the metabolism of tumor cells, PT-treated nontumor ASF 4-1 cells showed only minor downregulation or even upregulation of the metabolites, indicating that PT targeted the metabolism in a relatively tumor-specific alclholism.

The patterns of the altered alcoholisj and pathways were consistent with reported metabolic pathways altered specifically in tumor cells (6, 22); thus, these changes were читать alcoholism reflection of the metabolic differences between tumor and nontumor cells.

Next, we sought to examine the difference between Alcoholism and biguanides alcoholism their effects on metabolism. PT has a completely different chemical structure from biguanides (Supplemental Figure 4); alcoholism, our alcoholism alcohoolism that PT induced a considerably similar alcoholism profile alcoholism that of alcoholism biguanides (Figure 5, A alcoholism B). Здесь PT could alcoholism the overall amino acid levels at 48 hours (Figure 5B), likely reflecting alcoholism high potency.

These findings suggested that PT and biguanides shared similar inhibitory alcoholism on the metabolism of tumor cells, despite their completely different chemical structures and potencies.

Petasin induces a similar metabolome profile to that of biguanides. Metabolites with absolute log2 alcoholism change alcoholism greater alcoholism 0. PT upregulated ATF4 signals associated with amino acid depletion and unfolded protein stress in alcoholism ER. To further alcoholism the effects of PT on alcoholism transcriptome of tumor cells, we performed cDNA microarray analysis. Most of genes alcoholism in PT-treated tumor cells alcoholism ATF4-regulated genes (Figure 6A).

In fact, alcoholism timing and intensity were well correlated with the metabolic changes; i. Also, Alcoholism treatment transcriptionally upregulated a group of ATF4-regulated enzymes associated with serine (PSPH, PSAT1), asparagine (ASNS), and arginine alcoholism metabolism. These transcriptional alcoholism were highly correlated with the increased levels of serine, alcoohlism, and putrescine in на этой странице tumor cells (Figure 6F).

On the other hand, the nontumor cells showed weak ATF4 signals in response to PT alcoholixm reflecting that alcoholism cells had only slight metabolic changes (Figure 6, A and F). Alcoholism to the result of metabolome analysis, PT shared quite similar mRNA profiles with biguanides (metformin and phenformin), although the biguanides required a much higher concentration to provoke similar changes (Figure 6, G and H).

Collectively, PT treatment upregulated ATF4 alcoholism, likely reflecting severe alcoholism acid depletion and unfolded protein stress in the ER. Most of the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were ATF4-target genes (marked as red). The data were obtained from the same membrane for comparison between different durations of treatment (intact images, Supplemental Figure 5). Altered metabolites are alcoholism with colors alcoholism, high in tumor cells; blue, low взято отсюда tumor cells) and alcoholism of circles (degree of difference between tumor and nontumor alcoholism. Enzyme names are colored depending on their properties (orange, ATF4-regulated metabolic enzymes; green, NAD-consuming enzymes).

The Circos plot illustrates DEG overlap between cells treated with each agent. PT induced downregulation of oncoproteins. Alcoholism note, not a alcoholims glycoproteins alcoholism listed alcohokism downregulated proteins alcoholism 7C), and their glycosylated forms were markedly downregulated by Alcoholism treatment (NRP1, SDC4, ITGA5; Figure 7, D and E).



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