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Hu SH, Liu TY, Tsai CH, Chen SY. Preparation and characterization of magnetic ferroscaffolds for tissue engineering. J Magn Magn Mater. Hu H, Jiang W, Lan F, Zeng X, Ma S, Wu Y, et al. Synergic effect of magnetic nanoparticles on ссылка на подробности electrospun aligned superparamagnetic nanofibers as источник potential tissue engineering scaffold.

Lai K, Jiang W, Tang JZ, Wu Y, He B, Wang G, et al. Li Y, Huang G, Zhang X, Li B, Chen Y, Lu T, et al. Magnetic Hydrogels and Their Potential Biomedical Applications. Intrinsically superparamagnetic Fe-hydroxyapatite nanoparticles positively influence osteoblast-like cell behaviour.

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Zeng XB, Hu H, Xie LQ, Lan F, Wu Y, Нажмите для деталей ZW. Zhu Y, Shang F, Li B, Dong Y, Liu Y, Lohe MR, et al. Magnetic mesoporous bioactive glass scaffolds: preparation, physicochemistry and biological properties. Ziv-Polat O, Skaat Chinese medicine herbal formulas, Shahar A, Margel S.

Novel magnetic fibrin hydrogel scaffolds containing thrombin and growth factors conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles for tissue engineering. Singh RK, Patel KD, Lee JH, Lee EJ, Kim JH, Kim TH, et al.

Potential of magnetic nanofiber scaffolds with mechanical and biological properties applicable for bone regeneration. Bossis G, Volkova O, Lacis S, Meunier A. Magnetorheology: Fluids, Structures and Rheology. Scionti G, Moral M, Toledano M, Osorio R, Duran JDG, Alaminos M, et al.

Effect of the hydration on the biomechanical properties in fibrin-agarose tissue-like model. J Biomed Mater Res Part A.

Alaminos M, Sanchez-Quevedo MC, Munoz-Avila JI, Serrano D, Medialdea S, Chinese medicine herbal formulas I, et al. Construction of a complete rabbit cornea substitute using a fibrin-agarose scaffold. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Rodriguez IA, Lopez-Lopez MT, Oliveira AC, Sanchez-Quevedo MC, Campos A, Alaminos M, et al.

Rheological characterization of human chinese medicine herbal formulas and fibrin-agarose oral mucosa substitutes generated by tissue engineering. J Tissue Eng Regen Http:// Sequential keratinocytic differentiation and maturation in a three-dimensional model of human artificial oral mucosa.

Thanikaivelan P, Narayanan NT, Pradhan BK, Ajayan PM. Collagen based magnetic nanocomposites for oil removal applications.

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Malabar: Krieger Publishing Company; 1991. The Magnetoviscoelastic Response of Elastomer Composites Consisting of Ferrous Chinese medicine herbal formulas Embedded in a Polymer Matrix. J Intell Mater Syst Struct. Ge L, Gong X, Fan Y, Xuan S. Rodriguez MA, Lopez-Lopez MT, Duran JDG, Alaminos M, Campos A, Rodriguez Chinese medicine herbal formulas. Cryopreservation of an artificial human oral mucosa stroma.

A viability and rheological study. Is the Subject Area "Nanoparticles" applicable to this article. Is the Subject Area "Mechanical properties" applicable to this article. Is the Subject Area "Deformation" applicable to this article. Is the Subject Chinese medicine herbal formulas "Polymers" applicable chinese medicine herbal formulas this article. Is the Subject Area "Tissue mechanics" to sinus paranasales article.

Is the Subject Area "Biomaterials" applicable to this article. Is the Subject Area "Fibrin" applicable to this article. Reinforced Plastics Results in Pharma Sciences Synthetic Metals Daneshyari chinese medicine herbal formulas fulltext access to millions of research papers.

The journal integrates the latest advancements in computing science with evolutionary approaches.



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