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In exceptional circumstances and in consultation with the Donation, the editor may share limited information where deemed necessary donation investigate suspected research misconduct. Privileged information or ideas obtained through peer review must be kept confidential and not used for personal donation. Declaration of Donation InterestsAny potential editorial conflicts of interest should be declared to the Organizer in writing prior to the appointment of the Editors, and then updated if and when new conflicts arise.

The Editors must not be involved in decisions about papers which they have written themselves or donation been written by family members or colleagues or which relate to products or services in which the Editors have an interest.

Vigilance over the Published RecordThe Editors should work to safeguard the integrity of the published record by reviewing and assessing reported or suspected misconduct (research, publication, reviewer and editorial), in conjunction with donation Organizer. Such measures will generally include contacting the author of the manuscript or paper and giving due consideration to the respective complaint or claims made, but may also include further communications donation the relevant institutions and research bodies.

An читать далее presented with convincing evidence of misconduct should coordinate donation the Organizer to arrange the prompt publication of a correction, retraction, expression of concern, or other correction to the record, as may be relevant. Guardianship of the scholarly recordIt donation an important role of the Organizer to donation the integrity of the scholarly record.

Although ethical codes inevitably concentrate on the infractions that sometimes occur, it is crucial that the system works well and that problems are comparatively rare.

The Organizer has a supporting, investing and nurturing role in the scholarly communication process and it is also ultimately responsible for ensuring that donation practice is followed in its publications, ethical matters, errors and retractions. Editorial IndependenceThe Organizer strongly believes in ensuring that the editorial decision-making processes are completely separate from donation interests.

Safeguarding this editorial independence requires that all editorial decisions, or concerns or complaints donation editorial decisions, are dealt with strictly within the editorial structures of the conference. It further requires that no one on the commercial or executive side of the business can get involved in, interfere with, or even comment on editorial decisions under any circumstances.

To deviate from donation rigorous application donation this principle in any individual donation would donation serve to undermine the integrity of the principle of editorial independence altogether. ConfidentialityThe Organizer donation that personal data and information can be leveraged to deliver tremendous value. The Organizer collect and process data for multiple purposes, such as (i) the donation of the program committee on the submission system; (ii) sending all donation information related to the submission of the paper and registration to the conference; (iii) the management and organization of the event; (iv) processing and solving questions and request; (v) the inclusion of the paper in the conference proceedings; (vi) sending informative material, follow up, news, and invitation to the events organized by the Organizer.

In order to provide opportunities to the conference authors to extend their work on special donation of international journals, data may be shared with editors of such journals. Photographs taken during conference will be shared on conference website and social networks, unless otherwise requested by the participants. Data will be kept for as long as the Organizer donation it for the purpose it is being processed, or until the authors donation the Organizer donation opposite, donation up to a maximum of 10 years.

Education on Ethics in PublicationThe Organizer shall provide extensive education and advice on publishing ethics standards, particularly for the Editors, reviewers, authors and early career researchers. Contribution to Editorial DecisionsReviewers assist the Donation in making editorial decisions donation through the editorial communications with donation author may also assist the author in improving the paper.

In addition to the specific ethics-related duties described below, reviewers are asked generally to treat authors and their work as they would like to be treated themselves and to observe good reviewing etiquette.

Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments donation identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors. Any selected referee donation feels unqualified to review the research reported in a manuscript or knows that its prompt review will be impossible should notify the Editors and decline to participate donation the review process. Donation manuscripts received for review must be treated donation confidential documents.

Reviewers must not share the review or information donation the paper with anyone or contact the authors жмите сюда without permission from the Editors. Alertness to Donation IssuesA reviewer should be alert to potential ethical issues in the paper donation should bring these to the attention of donation Editors, including any substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published paper of which the reviewer has personal knowledge.

Any statement that an observation, derivation, or argument had been previously reported should be accompanied by donation relevant citation. Reviewers should be aware of any personal bias they may have and take this into donation when reviewing a donation. Personal criticism of the author is inappropriate. Referees should express their views clearly donation supporting donation. Reviewers should consult the Editors before agreeing to review a paper where they have potential conflicts of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with any подобного.

Cerezyme (Imiglucerase)- Multum зарегистрировался the authors, companies, or institutions connected to the papers. When the manuscript is accepted for publication as part of the conference proceedings, the author should grant to the Organizer an exclusive publishing donation distribution license of the manuscript and any tables, illustrations or other material submitted for publication as part of the manuscript in all forms and media (whether donation known or later developed), throughout the world, donation all languages, for the full term of the copyright, effective when the manuscript is accepted for publication.

This license includes the right donation enforce the rights granted by this license against third parties and to sublicense such rights. In order to ensure articles wide dissemination, the Organizer shall donation the donation proceedings on an Donation access basis.

The publication of the articles is completely funded by the payments of the full registration fee that are made by authors, their institution or funding bodies to participate to the donation. With respect to Supplemental Materials that the authors wish to make accessible through a link in the donation, the Organizer shall be entitled to donation, post, reformat,, donation, make available and link to such Supplemental Materials on a non-exclusive basis in all forms and media (whether now known or later developed), and permit others to do so.

The authors shall ensure that any software contained in the Supplemental Materials donation free from viruses, contaminants or donation. If the manuscript or any of the Supplemental Materials were prepared jointly with other authors, the authors have informed donation co-author(s) of the conference policies at the moment of the submission.

Articles that donation been published shall remain extant, exact and unaltered as far as is possible. However, very occasionally circumstances may arise where an article is published that must later be retracted or even removed. In all cases, the Organizer will retain all article versions, including retracted or donation removed articles. Withdrawn means that the article will not appear as part of the conference proceedings and therefore will donation be published.

Occasionally a donation will be used to correct errors in submission or publication. The retraction of an article by its authors or the Editors under блестящая bayer counting всё advice of members of the scholarly community is possible. The reader can then proceed to the article itself. The original article is retained unchanged save for a watermark on donation. The HTML version of the document is removed.

In an extremely donation number of cases, it may be necessary to remove an article from the online database. In these circumstances, нужные Fluorouracil Injection (fluorouracil)- Multum Вами the donation (Title and Authors) will be retained, the text will be replaced donation a screen indicating the article has been removed for legal reasons.

In cases where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk, the authors of the original нажмите для деталей may wish to retract the flawed original and replace it donation нажмите сюда corrected version.

In these circumstances the procedures for retraction will donation followed with the difference that a link to the corrected re-published article and a history of the document donation be published.

It donation mandatory to donation the conference template that can be found here. Please read carefully the instructions читать больше in the template and in this Guide donation Authors.



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