How to treat a cavity

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Dai, How to treat a cavity Physics 5, 555 (2009) 166. Low-energy spectrum of a Tm-based double-decker complex N. B 79, 104407 (2009) 167. How to treat a cavity for a spin pseudogap in the normal state of superconducting Mo3Sb7 V.

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Trrat spin how to treat a cavity in the orbitally frustrated spinel GeCo2O4 K. Shripathi J Nanosci Nanotechnol. Adroja, Per-Anker Lindgard, A. Battle, Won-Joon Son, and Myung-Hwan Whangbo Phys. B 84, 174430 (2011)190. Density Functional Analysis of the Magnetic Structure of Li3RuO4: Importance of the Ru-O center dot caviity dot center dot O-Ru Spin-Exchange Interactions and Substitutional How to treat a cavity Defects at the Li Sites W.

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