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Mechanical properties of tissue substitutes in job s tears absence of a magnetic field. Normalized shear modulus (Eq 2) of different magnetic tissue substitutes.

Shear modulus of the continuous matrix of magnetic tissue substitutes, as calculated with Eq (3). Effect of a magnetic field on the mechanical properties of magnetic tissue substitutes. Effect of the magnetic field applied during measurement on the shear modulus (Pa) of magnetic tissue substitutes. ConclusionsWe report a straightforward, versatile method for the job s tears of job s tears new type of tissue-engineered biomaterial characterized by the inclusion of multi-domain magnetic particles in a biopolymer matrix.

Magnetic tissue substitute attracted by a magnetic field. Author ContributionsConceived and designed the experiments: MTLL JDGD AC MA IAR. Baddour JA, Sousounis K, Tsonis PA. Organ repair and regeneration: an overview. Birth Defects Res Part C-Embryo Today-Rev. Van Vlierberghe S, Dubruel P, Schacht E. Biopolymer-based hydrogels as scaffolds for tissue engineering applications: a review. Dhandayuthapani B, Yoshida Y, Maekawa T, Kumar DS.

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