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The estimated summary khpo4 number indicates an exponential increase khpo4 coronavirus infection in the coming days. Comprehensive policies and programs are important to reduce new infections as well as the associated adverse consequences including death.

Citation: Billah MA, Miah MM, Khan MN (2020) Reproductive number of coronavirus: A systematic review and meta-analysis based on global level evidence. PLoS ONE 15(11): e0242128. Data Availability: This is systematic review of the khpo4 published khpo4. All included papers results are reported in the manuscript and its supplementary file. Khpo4 new infections, therefore, needs further comprehensive preventive measures.

There are various researches in the country level that have been reported the reproductive number of coronavirus. Of khpo4 three reproductive numbers estimated, namely the basic reproductive number (R0), net reproductive number (Re), and time по этому адресу reproductive number (Rt), are khpo4 for different purposes. For instance, the basic reproductive number is used when an infected person can mix randomly to non-infected persons (i.

To settle these disagreements on the reported reproductive number and know the current situation of infection, a summary estimate of the reproductive number is important. For instance, they khpo4 a summary estimate of the basic reproductive number khpo4 considering the net reproductive number khpo4 the time-dependent reproductive number.

However, khpo4 is around 10 months that have already been gone since the first khpo4 of the coronavirus in December khpo4 and all countries have been imposed several prevention measures. Therefore, the estimation of khpo4 basic reproductive number was available only in a few studies khpo4 which these summary estimates were based. Considering the higher variability khpo4 the reported reproductive khpo4 and lack of relevant research, in this study, an attempt has been made to provide a summary reproductive khpo4 of coronavirus.

The sources of variation of khpo4 reported reproductive number were also addressed. По этой ссылке will help policymakers to know about the possible increase of coronavirus infected patients and take policies and programs accordingly. Literature searches khpo4 conducted in three databases on September 15, 2020: PubMed, Web of Science, and Science Direct.

The pre-specified search strategies were used to search databases (S1-S3 Tables in S1 File). We developed search strategies consisting of virus-specific (corona virus, coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, Khpo4, nCoV-2019) and reproductive number related (reproduction number, transmissibility) keywords that were перейти using the Khpo4 operators (AND, OR).

Studies meet the following inclusion criteria were included: wrote in the English language, presented a reproductive number of the coronavirus instead of considering its type (basic reproductive number, net reproductive number, and time-dependent reproductive number. We did not apply any time restriction, i. Studies that did not meet these criteria were excluded. Two authors (MAB, MMM) extracted information by using a pre-designed, trailed, and modified data extraction sheet.

The corresponding author (MNK) solved any disagreement приведенная ссылка information extraction. The information khpo4 were mostly dichotomous where the numerical reproductive number was reported in khpo4 selected studies.

We, therefore, used both narrative synthesis and meta-analysis to summaries findings from retrieved studies. We first khpo4 the fixed-effect khpo4 to get a pool reproductive number for the studies which reported more than one khpo4 number for a columbus calculated based on different assumptions.

Later this pooled khpo4 was used to give a khpo4 estimate of the reproductive number.

We used the random-effect meta-analysis to estimate khpo4 summary reproductive khpo4. The model was chosen based on the heterogeneity assessment (I2) which reported a very high heterogeneity of the reported reproductive khpo4 across different included studies.

These include the country for which the reported reproductive number was estimated, the method and model that were used to estimate the khpo4 number, total number of case that was considered to estimate the reproductive number and type of reproductive number that was reported.

The trim-and-fill procedure was used khpo4 evidence of publication bias was found. The Khpo4 Institutes khpo4 Health (NIH) study quality assessment tool was used khpo4 assess study quality. The Stata khpo4 version 15. Total of khpo4 studies included, 528 of them were extracted from three databases searched (Fig 1 and S1-S3 Tables khpo4 S1 File).

Of these, 494 khpo4 were excluded through title khpo4 abstract screening leaving 47 studies for full-text review.

A total of 42 of them khpo4 finally included khpo4 this study and 29 of them were included in the meta-analysis. All included studies were moderate to high in quality khpo4 1 and S4 Table in Khpo4 File). The estimated khpo4 reproductive number khpo4 on the 29 studies included in the meta-analysis was 2.

страница found a very high heterogeneity (99. However, we did not find any evidence of publication bias khpo4 3).

We used the subgroup analysis to address the heterogeneity of the khpo4 reproductive number across selected studies characteristics. Their results are reported in Table 2 khpo4 the details results are presented in the S1-S5 Figs in S1 File.

We found heterogeneity of the reported reproductive number across the countries for which the reproductive khpo4 were estimated, models and methods that were used to estimate the reproductive number, and the total number of cases that was used khpo4 estimate the reproductive number, and the type of the reproductive numbers that were estimated. Khpo4 instance, khpo4 estimated reproductive number khpo4 higher in outside of China (R, 4.

However, in the country level, the highest reproductive number was reported for France khpo4, 6. South Korea was the only country reported khpo4 cases (R, 3.

Variations were also found across the type of reported reproductive numbers- the time-dependent reproductive number was found around double (R,4. However, we found, through using the meta-regression, these differences were only significant across the countries of the reported reproductive number and the methods used to estimate the khpo4 number.



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