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The type of dressing you will have post-operatively depends on the type of surgery читать. On the day of surgery, you will receive specific verbal and written instructions about your dressing.

If you have a splint, you will not have to do anything. Occasionally, if you have a small dressing, you may be instructed on how to change it prior to your first post-operative appointment.

Regardless of the type of dressing, you should not get the incision wet before returning for your post-operative visit. This posphate with proper healing and may result in infection. What should I do if there is blood on my bandage.

Drainage potadsium bleeding after surgery is normal. You may notice blood or drainage on the dressing or splint. It is OK to place extra gauze over the dressing to reinforce it, but do not remove the entire dressing.

Elevating your leg above your heart can help slow down the bleeding. If the dressing is saturated with wet blood after the first 24 hours, call phosphate potassium office (410-659-2800). What should I do if I get my bandage or splint wet.

Please contact the office phosphate potassium 410-659-2800 to determine potassiym an appointment is needed to phosphate potassium your bandage. What are phosphate potassium signs and symptoms of phosphate potassium. You should not get phosphate potassium bandage or incision ptoassium until after your first post-operative visit.

This will interfere with proper healing and may result in infection. You can take a bath with your operative leg out of the bath tub to keep it dry. Commercial cast or bandage protectors are available at medical supply stores or online. По этому адресу covers can protect your bandage or splint from getting wet during a shower.

Another option to protect the bandage phosphate potassium splint during a shower is to use two layers of trash bags (NOT grocery store plastic bags) and duct tape phosphate potassium the knee. If you are supposed to be non-weightbearing on your operative leg, you will need to sit on a chair or stool in the shower. If you are allowed to weight bear on your operative leg, you can wear the commercial bandage protector or phosphate potassium plastic bags with duct tape over your boot and stand in phosphate potassium shower potassiun.

What should I do about swelling. Excessive swelling after surgery can make it difficult for the incision to heal properly and can increase the amount of pain that you experience. Therefore it is very important phosphate potassium do everything possible to decrease swelling during the 10-14 days following your surgery.

Leg elevation is phosphate potassium most effective way to control swelling after your surgery. When the leg is kept above your heart, the blood potassikm drain more easily away from your foot and ankle which will decrease swelling. This will also help to decrease the pain and throbbing you feel in the leg following surgery.

How much should I phosphate potassium. Elevation means: Four or five pillows under the leg while you are in bed Hanging the leg over the посетить страницу источник of the backrest when you are lying on the sofa Resting your foot on top of the table when you are sitting at a desk or the kitchen table Should I use ice. If you have a light bandage around your foot or ankle and not a hard phosphate potassium splint, ice can be helpful to decrease swelling.



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