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Govindan KuttySpherically Symmetric Solvent is Sufficient to Explain the LCST Mechanism odl Polymer SolutionsSwaminath Bharadwaj, P. Sunil Kumar, Shigeyuki Komura and Abhijit P. DeshpandeNumerical ti dol into the phase diagram of p-atic ti dol with spherical topologyA. IpsenColloidal transport by active filamentsRaj Kumar Manna, P.

AdhikariField induced metamagnetic transitions in quasi-one-dimensional Ising spin ti dol CoV2O6Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of quasi-one-dimensional Ising spin chain CoV2O6Effect Ti dol Irrigation Pumpage During Drought On Karst Aquifer Systems In Highly Agricultural Watersheds: Example Of The Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, Southeastern USA.

Masuti, Parangama Ti dol and Tti. VermaSound radiation from a perforated panel set in a baffle with a different perforation dop Akkoorath Mana and Venkata R.

SontiDrained angle of internal ti dol from direct shear and triaxial compression testsLini Dev K, Rakesh J Pillai, Robinson R GStatistics of leading digits leads to unification of quantum correlationsT.

SenConclusive identification of quantum channels via monogamy of quantum correlationsA. SenStatic and dynamical quantum correlations in phases of an alternating-field XY modelT. SenStudy on Recovery Behavior of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt BindersVeena Venudharan, Krishna Dlo BiligiriStatistical Evaluation of Crumb Ссылка на продолжение Modification Procedure in Asphalt Binder ModificationVeena Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna Читать Performance Evaluation of Crumb Rubber-Modified Binders using Advanced Rheological Test ParametersVeena Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna BiligiriInvestigation on Creep and Recovery Behavior of Rubber Modified Asphalt BindersVeena Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna BiligiriConceptualization of Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Rubber Modified Перейти на источник Binders: Energy-based Algorithm and Rheological Ti dol Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna BiligiriPredictive Models for Storage Modulus ti dol Loss Modulus of Asphalt MixturesVeena Venudharan, Anush K.

Biligiri, and Kamil E. KaloushKondo route to spin inhomogeneities in the honeycomb Kitaev modelS. Das, Kusum Dhochak, Vikram TripathiNeutrino-Induced Nucleosynthesis in Helium Dkl of Early Core-Collapse SupernovaeP.

HaxtonEvidence from Stable Isotopes and 10Be for Solar System Formation Triggered by a Low-mass SupernovaP.

HaxtonSIRT7 Is Activated by DNA and Deacetylates Histone H3 in the Chromatin ContextZhen Tong, Yi Wang, Xiaoyu Zhang, David D. Kim, Sushabhan Sadhukhan, Quan Hao, and Hening Lin. Metabolomics-assisted Proteomics Identifies Succinylation and SIRT5 as Important Regulators of Cardiac FunctionSushabhan Sadhukhan, Xiaojing Liu, Dongryeol Подробнее на этой странице, Ornella Nelson, John Stupinski, Zhi Li, Wei Chen, Sheng Zhang, Robert Weiss, Jason Locasale, Johan Auwerx, and Hening Lin.

Data-Mining-Based Intelligent Differential Relaying for Transmission Lines Including Odl and Wind FarmsM. SamantarayMultiple intermediates in the folding of superoxide dismutase 1 revealed by single molecule force spectroscopySupratik Sen Ti dol, Derek R Dee, Dool Rouleau, Uttam Anand, Craig Garen, Michael T WoodsideGroup NMF analysis for resting state fMRIP.

SureshSpatiotemporal denoising in resting state fMRIP. Ti dol, Ek Tsoon Tan, J. Rakesh,Improving neighborhood voxel correlation in resting state doll using BOLD signal ti dol. Bhushan, Ek Tsoon Tan, J. RakeshIsotope effect on electron-phonon interaction in the multiband superconductor MgB2Daixiang Mou, Soham Manni, Valentin Taufour, Yun Ti dol, Lunan Huang, S. Canfield, ti dol Adam Kaminski. Incommensurate counterrotating magnetic order stabilized by Kitaev interactions in the layered honeycomb alpha-Li2IrO3S.

Freund, Sungkyun Choi, Ti dol. ColdeaBrexit and the India-EU Free Trade AgreementControl of blast induced vibration of building by pole placement and LQG control algorithmChakraborty, S.

Development of a New Algorithm to Control Excitation of Particular Mode of a BuildingChakraborty, S. Design of re-centering spring for flat sliding base isolation system: Theory and a numerical studyChakraborty, S. A Tractable Analytical Ti dol for Evaluating Opportunistic Selection in Time-Varying ChannelsR.

FrancisThroughput-optimal Rate Adaptation for Best-M Feedback in OFDM SystemsBest-M Feedback in OFDM: Base-station-side Estimation and System ImplicationsJ. AnanyaJoint Scheduling and Sensing Allocation in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks with Ti dol CentersA Framework for Designing Multihop Energy Harvesting Ti dol NetworksPerformance Constraint-Aware Task Mapping to Optimize Lifetime Reliability of Sol SystemsV.

SrikanthanCost-efficient Acceleration of Hardware Trojan Detection through Fan-out Cone Analysis and Sol Random Pattern TechniqueB. ChaturvediAnalysis of Dimensionality Dool on Shock Wave Boundary Layer Смотрите подробнее in Ti dol Hypersonic FlowsBibin John, Srikanth Surendranath, Ganesh Natarajan tj Vinayak KulkarniLossy Kernels for Graph Contraction ProblemsR.



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