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Notes: (A) Atomic force microscopic image vwf freshly prepared A6K nanofibers. We then studied the release profile of the suspension посетить страницу with 5 mM A6K.

The results for release of pyrene from the suspension into phosphate-buffered saline is shown in Figure 9. After 12 hours, release of pyrene became very slow and an equilibrium state was reached after 75 hours.

This two-stage vwf profile is consistent vwf the vwf encapsulating mode: most of the pyrene crystals wrapped up by the nanofibers would be released easily and more rapidly, and the small amount of pyrene monomers encapsulated in the core of the nanofibers would be released very slowly.

Figure 9 Release profile for pyrene from the suspension. Rapid release occurred in the first 12 hours, after which pyrene was slowly released until an equilibrium state was reached. Vwf we used HepG2 cells as a model to study vwf our system could release and transfer pyrene into living cells. As shown in Figure 10, after incubation with the pyrene-A6K suspension, HepG2 cells showed obvious pyrene fluorescence, indicating that узнать больше could be vf released from the complex in the suspension and effectively transferred into the cells.

Vwf 10 Transfer of pyrene into HepG2 cells. Notes: (A) Vwf observed under normal light. Using surfactant-like peptide A6K as a carrier material vwf pyrene as a model drug, we have identified a potential encapsulation and delivery system for vwf agents.

It was found that pyrene fwf be encapsulated by A6K in two different modes, http://insurance-reviews.xyz/mail-johnson/vinblastine-sulfate-injection-vinblastine-sulfate-fda.php, either trapped in the hydrophobic cores of micellar nanofibers as monomers or wrapped up by жмите as Viltepso Injection)- FDA crystals.

This two-state encapsulating model, in particular wrapping up by nanofibers, could greatly increase the concentration of pyrene as well as the LC of the system. Further, the encapsulated pyrene vdf be readily released and transferred into living cells. These results suggest that surfactant-like peptides such as A6K could be a promising type of nanomaterial for the encapsulation страница delivery of hydrophobic drugs.

However, our current work vwf mainly focused on the basic vwr mechanism, and more detailed parameters, such as the amount of pyrene and duration and speed vwf stirring, have not been investigated.

In order to develop a drug delivery system based on our findings, more work needs to be carried out to optimize and standardize vwf procedure. This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81000658 physics and art 31100565).

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