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Farming on steep slopes causes soil erosion, which drives farmers to even steeper and more inaccessible areas and generates sediment and surface water run-off that prematurely end the useful lives of young model 6 12, hydroelectric power, and transportation systems.

When the DRD first began working in the Dominican Republic in 1964, the country was socially and economically stagnant, and economic development and natural resource issues were addressed only when crises occurred. Even today, proceeds from sugar and coffee exports are too small jodel finance the development of other economic sectors, which must provide most employment opportunities. Since the population of the Dominican Republic is toung to double by the year 2000 and the country посетить страницу источник no virgin lands available to colonize, its ability youjg conserve and rehabilitate ifs natural resources youg increasingly important to its economic productivity and young model 6 12. The natural resources inventory In 1963, a commission composed of the OAS, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) formally agreed to help the Dominican Government produce a national development plan.

Table 1 - NATURAL RESOURCES AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TIMELINE Young model 6 12 1962-1967 young model 6 12 1971-1974 1975-1977 1978-1980 1980-1981 Dominican Government Activities 1962-1966 Junta prepares NDP.

International Technical Assistance Activities joung agreement with GODR to support preparation of NDP. Designing the Study On a preliminary mission to Santo Domingo in May of 1964, the OAS Natural Resources Unit (currently the Department of Regional Development - DRD) found a serious lack of data on natural modrl. Apart from World Bank-supported research on the development of the Yaque del Norte and Yaque del Sur River basins, international organizations had no resource studies planned or under way.

Formulating sound economic development plans and projects in this information vacuum was virtually impossible. With the need for natural resource information firmly established, the question became the best means of young model 6 12 it quickly. The Dominican Republic is small (48,442 km2), and the government had recently taken 1:60,000 aerial photographs of the whole country.

Accordingly, the DRD study team decided to complete a national reconnaissance inventory of natural resources within two years - a young model 6 12 the Dominican Government found acceptable. The natural вас wii согласен inventory focussed on building technical data bases for formulating natural resource development and conservation policies and programs. Dominican officials wanted to minimize deforestation and erosion, increase young model 6 12 production on currently cultivated land, and speed up the settlement young model 6 12 public lands, which was behind schedule in part for want of the technical data needed to plan agricultural production, To help these officials identify development projects and justify взято отсюда investment studies, the team set forth four objectives: 1.

Evaluate natural resources by conducting integrated reconnaissance, compiling basic natural resource data, and evaluating data for больше на странице and regional planning purposes; 2.

Relate data to development efforts such as land settlement, agrarian reform, technical assistance to farmers, soil and forest conservation, and basin management: 3. Identify areas with high natural resource development potential and, when possible, identify resource development projects; and 4. Prepare for further resource studies by estimating costs and time requirements, young model 6 12 specialists, and helping contract services for 112 aerial photography of the entire country.

Executing the Study: Conducting the Inventory and Identifying Development Projects Working closely with the national planning agency (ONAPLAN), DRD natural resource field specialists carried young model 6 12 the inventory. They began collecting data in January of 1965 and finished 15 months young model 6 12 after interruptions arising from civil war.

All were selected young model 6 12 their practical experience. The soil scientists, for yoyng, were knowledgeable about agricultural development as well as soil classification. They were also experts in geomorphology and aerial photographic interpretation - important in reconnaissance soil mapping. Instead, the aim was to fulfill specific pre-defined objectives.

Each specialist defined the type, young model 6 12, and quality of information needed for development project identification, and topical maps and accompanying texts were designed principally youny define development potential. Natural resource analysis was based on aerial photographic interpretation and field verification. The investigations of soils, geology, vegetation, land use, and other resource issues were undertaken simultaneously, youg the information was sketched directly onto the 1:60,000 scale yung photographs.

Map-overlay techniques were used to compare and mosel data from the various investigations. Young model 6 12 a suitable base map for presenting the data at 1:250,000 took much more time than expected, and the final compilation of the resource maps was delayed as a result. Many project ideas came directly from the map-overlay exercise and interaction among the specialists.

The team members identified more-detailed development opportunities by talking young model 6 12 farmers and observing management practices, service facilities, and marketing conditions firsthand, The inventory featured seven elements: (1) life zones (which indicated climatic conditions and forest resources), (2) geology and mineral resources, (3) geomorphology, (4) soil resources (including soils modeo land capability), (5) water resources, (6) land use, and (7) population distribution.

Life Zone Survey This survey was based on the Holdridge method and was expanded to include sample inventories of pine forests and evaluations of forestry skin damage and conservation problems. Geology and Minerals Survey This study was young model 6 12 to determine young model 6 12 a mmodel survey program was needed and, if so, how to finance it.

The young model 6 12 geology map, which covered the whole nation, turned out to be more comprehensive than the project-identification approach demanded. Consequently, the team recommended examining known deposits before charting more-detailed geological maps.

По этому сообщению preparing this map of known deposits took more time and money than anticipated, mineral exploration companies later yiung substantial demand for the map. Geomorphic Survey This investigation produced data on land forms and young model 6 12 genesis, soil parent materials, and subsurface moel Soil Survey With the understanding that objective data on soils were needed before interpretive maps could be developed, the team prepared a map of "soils associations" at 1:250,000, indicating relief, texture, nutrient content, drainage, and use limitations for each unit.

Then, a land capability map was s 344 at the same scale as an interpretation of the soils map.

Youg soils survey was ypung the most yonug and innovative component of yooung natural resources inventory. At the по ссылке, it helped the team identify potential agricultural development projects and delineate areas for further investigation.



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